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Sometimes it can be simple things that make your driving experience less enjoyable. Struggling with the handbrake, indicators, steering or ignition can be resolved with button depressants, indicator extensions & steering knobs. We design and install these simple adaptations here.

Sometimes more extensive work is required, and lightening the power steering, boosting the brakes and fitting electric handbrakes can be undertaken also.

Some adaptations are able to be supplied directly to our customers or to one of our many fitters throughout the UK. We manufacture a wide selection of steering knobs, spokes, quads and other aids to suit the individual.   


At Cowal we manufacture our own steering wheel spinners and supply to the industry. Our spinners are available with a selection of different shaped knobs and either a standard clamp (2 bolt fixing) or quick release. The mushroom shaped knob is the most popular shaped knob and we can supply by mail order if required.

We manufacture quad grips, palm grips, and special attachments to suit prosthetics. 


Handbrake and gear buttons can be a problem for some drivers. We supply handbrake button depressants by mail order for self installation from £75.00

Gear button depressants are made to order.  


Either indicator or wiper extension arms are made to order for each vehicle.


We can extend pedals, build false floors and pedal platforms, design removable pedals, modify seat runners, raise seats, and generally move things around to suit the driver with reduced stature.


Solving the problem of closing the rear hatch from a wheelchair, we can fit a leather strap for £45.00 which makes it so much easier.


Transfering into a car from a wheelchair is made so much easier with a grab handle above the drivers door .


This little gadget slots into the striker on the door frame of your car so that you can leverage yourself out with ease. Buy mail order from us for £45.00


A handy tongue & buckle extension in 2 sizes : either 35 cm or 70 cm lengths available by mail order  

 Easy grabs help in locating the seat belt behind your head or simply stops the belt from rubbing into your neck - £11.00 a pair available by mail order .        


This amazing mirror simply attaches to your existing rear view mirror by elasticated straps (not heavy and wont pull your mirror off) and you will have all round views of the car. £15.00 by mail order


After fit privacy glass to your car or WAV 


Whether you are a driving instructor or learning to drive in your own modified car, we fit instructor brakes for your peace of mind. 



Just a small selection of innovative solutions to everyday problems - click on an image to view  






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For over 40 years Cowal Mobility have produced precision engineered products offering unsurpassed levels of comfort, control, and reliability and are designed to suit the individual needs of discerning disabled drivers and passengers. From assessment, to completion - we care.
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