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We undertake some specialised bespoke modification work to vehicles which are highly ingenious. This work is designed to suit the individual and the vehicle they are driving. Some of this work is amazing and over the next few weeks, we will be posting some case studies on this page.     

Porsche Cayenne 2011 gearshift button depressant

Our client found us on the internet after taking his new car to 2 specialist motor companies who could not find a solution to his gearshift button issue. The button is on the back of the selector knob and our client was unable to depress it when changing gear. We designed and made a discreet depressant which is easy to operate.     

Morgan Roadster - Full conversion

Our client owns a manual transmission Morgan and Cowal modified it to include a servo operated clutch system operated via a small lever on gearshift, a radial operated accelerator and push brake.

Bespoke Landrover Discovery person hoist

Colin Javens, paralysed from shoulders down in an accident in 2000, used a tiny movement in one wrist to drive again and to launch "Driving Home": an inspirational fund-raising journey, with him at the wheel, from Stoke Mandeville Hospital to Cape Town. Cowal was asked to design, make and install a bespoke roof mounted person hoist which would operate from both the drivers door and passenger door assist Colin in entering and exiting the vehicle. This hoist had to be 'fail proof' and proved just that during his 6 month 22,000 km journey.  Read his diary

Adapted Citroen C3 for driver with no hands 

Designing  & fitting a hoist to store wheelchair behind the drivers seat

A common problem. What to do with your wheelchair once you are in the drivers seat. Well, if you have a sliding side door we can fit a hoist behind the seat to lift and place your wheelchair behind you.  

Electronic feather light hand controls - operated by the lightest of finger touch. Servo power brakes & lightened power steering  

One finger push down for acceleration and one finger push forward to brake. Quad (or tetra grip) for feather light steering.

Tailor Made Radial Hand Controls

We fit tailor made controls to suit the individual and this often means that the lever looks different and additional switching is added to the lever to assist the driver. Often a specially made quad grip or steering aid is manufactured too.  

Electric Parking Brake

Our electric handbrakes are individually designed to suit the individual and the vehicle. The up/down switch is often sited on the right hand side of the dash for ease of use by the driver.   


We have in the past been asked to paint our controls to match the vehicle interior, but recently, a customer of ours customised his hand control lever to match his steering wheel.

A local car trim specialist made a leather cover for his Cowal controls and the result is a comfortable, stylish lever. We have therefore decided to offer this service as an option. Please contact Mandy on 01494 714400 to find out costs etc.     


Our client, following surgery to his right foot, could not push the accelerator pedal forward comfortably or smoothly on his A C Cobra and found the pain unbearable. However, he could drive his Mercedes with it's organ pedal with ease, so he asked us to design an organ pedal for his Cobra. We did this, modified the mechanism, and even modified his brake pedal slightly and now, and I quote 'we have made one man very happy indeed'. Pleased to help!!  



We are delighted to have just modified a Smart ForTwo Brabus pocket rocket for our long standing customer and good friend David Butler. David is Chairman of the British Motor Sport Association for the Disabled with an impressive portfolio of racing achievements behind him ( We wish him all the very best of luck and fun in his new 130bhp Smart!    



We have just successfully installed a Turny Orbit seat into the rear of an MPV whilst retaining both rear seats. Our customer was seeking a company to carry out this conversion but was informed repeatedly that what she wanted was not possible.
With extensive modifications to the existing seat base we have succeeded with this conversion and have one very happy customer.    


Case 2: Removing an old Feeny & Johnson vacuum brake & accelerator squeeze/squeeze control, from an old Honda Civic and refurbing, modifying and refitting to a mid engined Porsche Boxster. Took a while (!) but job completed and working brilliantly. I think our client will enjoy the summer now in his soft top.  


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