Hand Controls

Home of the discreet/hidden hand-control

Cowal have always designed their push/pull single lever hand controls to fit high to the steering column and in the majority of vehicles, the rods are hidden behind the dash. This unique feature enables full use of both steering wheel and knee air bags. You have FULL KICK DOWN with Cowal hand controls.

Each hand control is designed for the vehicle make, model and year, and are possibly the lightest & smoothest bespoke hand controls on the market today. A left hand operative hand control is available on request.

Our levers are curved which is both aesthetically pleasing but also more comfortable to operate, and is positioned closer to the steering wheel rim. This allows the driver to have a grip on the steering wheel rim during driving. Many control levers on the market are far away from the steering wheel rim (due to the brake rod being outside the cowling between the drivers legs), and on bumpy or uneven roads surfaces it is difficult to keep smooth control of the car. This can also cause fatigue of the right arm and fingers.

Lever Covers

A removable foam cover is standard but we also offer a smart leather option if prefered, and we also offer a choice of cream or grey colour finishing for the lever/main bracket to match the interior.

Knee Room

These features provide the driver with un-rivalled leg/knee room, and knee contact with the controls is eliminated. Thus no knee protection required!

No Cables!

We do not employ the use of CABLES in our design so there are no unforeseen maintenance issues for you. Full kick down is retained on all controls.

Pedal Options

Due to the way the rods are fitted to the brake and accelerator pedals, the option of having them flipped-up is also available.

Multiplex & Non-Multiplex

We are able to modify multiplex and non-multiplex vehicles so that the indicators, lights, horn or flash functions can be operated via the control lever.

Un-rivalled Value!

All this extra quality is available with Cowal hand controls, and our prices are surprisingly competitive, which means we give un-equalled value for money.

Alternative Hand Control Systems

At Cowal Mobility, we offer the customer choice, and we always advise the disabled driver on the most suitable hand controls for their needs. We therefore install all other types of hand control including:


Fitted with either their own brake lever or Cowal brake lever (where the rod is hidden). Ring over or under steering wheel rim


Floor mounted hand controls for left hand operation


Rotate down for accelerator and push forward to brake.


For manual vehicles includes a vaccum clutch system with hand controls in a configeration to suit the individual.


We are installers of Lodgesons, Elap & Smartsteer 10, 13 & 18 function infra-red / wireless systems.

These keypads allow people with restricted mobility to operate the secondary functions of a car safely with one hand, simply pressing a button activates the required function e.g. horn, indicators, lights etc.

Our products are approved by all leading vehicle manufacturers, and can be installed at our works or supplied to our wide network of installers throughout the UK. We are Motability First Class Manufacturers, Installers and Suppliers and our equipment is fitted to the British School of Motoring fleet of modified Vauxhall Corsa’s & Fiat Puntos.

We also install mechanical and electronic ring accelerators, and manufacture special grips to suit the individual (please look at ‘Alternative Hand Controls’ section of the site).


  • VIEW OUR HAND CONTROLS (via GM Coachwork video) HERE
  • Mobile fitting service available on this product
  • NEW – we now offer smooth napper leather covered hand control levers.. Custom leather colour and stitching offered if pre-ordered.