Left Foot Accelerator

Twin Flip-Up Accelerator pedals – for the right leg disabled driver

Cowal developed the Twin Flip-Up left foot accelerator concept over 30 years ago, and it remains the best solution for drivers who cannot operate the accelerator pedal in an automatic vehicle. 

This was the first and only system deemed safe enough to be Motability Accredited and although imitated by other concerns, it still remains the best, and we remain one of the eading suppliers of the system in the UK and Europe.

 The operation is simplicity itself. Pull down the pedal required, and the other pedal flips up automatically. We use a snap hinge so there is no fear of the flipped-up pedal flopping down or being accidentally knocked down.

Suitable for all automatic vehicles with conventional accelerator pedals, including electronic, organ and plastic pedals.

No holes are drilled into the floor of your car, and if fitted at Cowal, the Twin Flip-Ups can be modified to suit the individual if required.

Pedal pad on left side pedal can match original pedal if required

Mobile fitting service available on this product

Mobile fitting service available on this product

Premier Twin Flip-Up accelerator pedals

We have now developed Premier Twin Flip-Ups for new vehicles which have a plastic electronic accelerator pedal built into the floor.

Up until now, the only method of adapting the car to left foot accelerator involved leaving this pedal in place and fitting another pedal to the left of the brake. Not ideal if you have a rigid right leg!

At Cowal Mobility we always strive to give our customers what they want, and so the Premier Twin Flip-up was developed. 

The Premier Twin Flip-Up is Motability Accredited and available on the Motability Adaptation Scheme.
Vehicles currently available are: All Audi, VW, Skoda, Seat, Mini, BMW & Mercedes with more being developed all of the time.     

Recommended by Motability on their vehicles.

Electronic Crossover accelerator pedals

We can manufacture and install the Crossover electronic accelerator pedals for organ pedals for all vehicles, The system is switched on and off from the dash. This offers a left foot solution for the driver who prefers to keep the vehicles organ pedal in place.

Larger pedal pads

We are able to fit larger pedal pads to any vehicle too.