Seating Solutions

Swivel/slide seats

We offer a wide range of swivel and slide seat options from manual operated to electrically operated. Fitted to either the passenger or drivers seat (if possible) the seats offer ease of entering and exiting the vehicle. We are proud to be fitters of the AutoAdapt Turny EVO, Turny Orbit, Turny HD, Turnout, Carony systems and more.

Watch the Turny EVO work here.

Kivi transfer seats and platforms

These unique seats by Autoadapt bridge the gap between the wheelchair seat and the vehicle seat and assists in the transfer of one to another. We make them to order, and you have a choice of manual seat which can be removed, electric seat which folds up against the vehicle seat when not in use, or a bar which lifts you up onto your feet.

Watch how the KIVI transfer plate works here.

Seat runners and height adjustment

We can re-position seats further back to assist in exiting and entering the vehicle (ideal for drivers or passengers with rigid leg prosthetics) or just to make a better driving position for very tall drivers, or lift a seat higher on blocks for smaller drivers.