BMW 640i 2011 push/pull hand controls

JAGUAR F TYPE S 2014 hand controls

Our new leather lever option looks lovely on this super looking sports car

Ford Mustang GT 2010

Left hand drive vehicle with right hand operated hand controls

Mercedes E Class

Both pedals flipped-up for maximum leg clearance

VW Golf

Left hand operated push/pull hand controls

Lever to operate foot operated handbrakes

Some vehicles have a handbrake which is operated via a foot pedal. Leaving the vehicle in PARK would eleviate the need to use the handbrake for a disabled driver, but this could be a problem if the car is parked on a hill! We can make a lever to operate this handbrake pedal for you and it will look something like this

A C Cobra pedal modifications

Our client, following an operation to his right foot, could not comfortably operate the accelerator pedal of his cherished A C Cobra. Pushing the throttle pedal into the back of the baulkhead was both difficult and caused him pain. However, he could drive his Mercedes with considerably more comfort, due to the pivoting action on the organ style accelerator pedal which he found did not cause the same issues. At Cowal, we designed an organ type accelerator pedal, modified the mechanism and he is now driving the vehicle with ease and comfort. We also cranked the brake pedal down by 1″ to make it’s operation easier also.

For Mustang Fastback 1968

Left hand drive 1968 Mustang converted to right hand operated hand controls

Bentley GT Supersports

Hand controls & flip-up pedals. Our client required both the brake & accelerator pedals hinged up out of the way. We utilized the original pedals and pads and the end result was a fine job.

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