Customer Feedback

Mr M Cartwright

After 9 years of various hand controls I decided to speak to the Bewick Company who recommended your equipment (push/pull). 

I could not believe that there was such a difference between manufacturers, I have tried 4 others with the usual rods and cables with my wife being very unhappy catching her knees on the rods and with the cables stretching giving me a dead spot when accelerating.

Thank you for a very good piece of engineering and Bewick coming out (85miles)and fitting so proffesionly and insisting I go for a drive of some 6 miles.

P Izzard - Northampton

Just a quickie …. to thank you for a job well done ….. excellent service ….. congratulations to all at Cowal, you are running a good ship …. thanks Stuart, Richard and staff …..

Margaret Kitson

My life has been transformed after you and your staff fitted the hoist in my new car. Thank you for all your kindness and patience with my incessant questions.

R NORMAN - Essex

I wish to say a big ‘thank you’ for allowing me to come to your premises and for you to spend some time on my BMW X3, the work carried out to correct the original fitting is excellent and my drive home was much better than my drive to you ……….

Tim - Disability Resources Centre

Just thought i would drop you a line after fitting the BMW 3 Series control today. I have just finished installation and road tested it and the difference in controls from some other makes is VAST. It drives lovely and smooth and the customer cannot be anything but overjoyed, (He is a discerning gent as well). Thank you for your help and supply.

R Austin

I have seen your hand controls fitted to a friend’s car (privately owned) and think that they are much better than the ones that I have on my current car.  My Motability lease is now due for renewal and I would like your hand controls to be fitted to my next car.  What information to I need to tell the car dealership when I place the order so that I can have your hand controls fitted to the car?  Are the leather covered hand controls available on the Motability scheme?

Mrs Reid - local resident

I would very much like to thank you for helping me with the wheel on my wheelchair yesterday. It was very kind of you and particularly helpful yesterday. When I got back to my elderly friend we had a phone call from the surgery saying that his blood test showed he was in severe heart failure and that I should take him immediately to WGH. I would have been in a difficult position to do that without your unhesitating support. Thank for the lady on the phone for her kindness in response to my question and for your willingness to get involved and the finding of the very appropriate piece of equipment at the moment it was needed. 

C Sherwin - Chinnor

Hi Stuart, I came in yesterday with the mini bus. I just felt I had to write to you to thank you and all your staff for the work you carried out and the way I was treated. I was treated exceptionally well and the job you did was second to none. I have contacted Motability to say you were exceptional. Many many thanks.

Andy - Newcastle

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you so much for the brilliant help and advice you gave me last week.

I rang in need of some help with my ‘Robostore’.  I think in the end – you spent 25 minutes talking me through possible problems and you even checked your stores for bits!

I really do appreciate the time you gave me.  I am very pleased to know that someone who knows what they are talking about could help me further in the future.

Following your advice; as it turns out the Robostore operates perfectly with the engine running.  I imagine I will need to replace my car battery at some point soon as it used to be fine without the engine running.

Ms G Privett - Oxon

I would like to thank you all for the excellent service you have given me over the years and for being so friendly.

Dan Anderson-McIntyre

Just wanted to say thanks to you both.  In April I took delivery of my third Motability car and as in the previous two I opted for Cowal hand controls (simply because in my opinion they’re the best) and installation by Bristol Street Versa (who I’m afraid I’ll probably always refer to as KC Mobility).

My current car is a Vauxhall Astra GTC. As ever, the controls are flawless and the installation absolutely spot on, with the majority of the rods being hidden behind the fascia for a nice tidy install.  Operation is smooth and easy as I’ve come to expect and the addition of an indicator switch on top of the hand control really has made a huge difference in terms of ease of use and safety when driving.
I can send pictures if either of you wish but for now it’s just a thank you.

An advertisement recently found for our hand controls

Used hand controls, fitted to BMW 3 series 55-61 reg shape. I had these on a 11 reg car. They are the neatest and best made controls I have ever seen or used. I had leather put on the handle to match the leather on the steering wheel to make them even neater. People have looked in the car and almost mised that they are there.

I’ve changed my car to a different model so couldnt re-use these but Ive had exactly the same fitted to my new car. These can be re-used as Ive had them swapped from 3-series to 3 -series (but they were the same model car, engine and spec not an issue).

These are a little more expensive than the average hand controls but you get what you pay for!

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